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Winter is Coming is your boiler & heating system ready?

Winter is Coming is your boiler & heating system ready?

Tuesday 3rd November 2020

Well The weather in Dorset & Jurassic coast is definitely on the turn - winter is coming.

The cold mornings have returned, the clocks have gone back and the evenings are darker & colder earlier, it's nearly time to get the trusty de-icer back out of storage. But what about keeping warm at home?

Here at The Gas Man Services HQ the gloves & thermals are on, we are ready for the long days & nights fixing all the boiler breakdowns that are coming in.
If the weather man and news are to be believed another beast from the east is in its way so have you prepared your heating and boiler for the long cold days & nights ahead?

Many people change their cars when they get old have them serviced every year and ensure they run reliably but continue to use their outdated antiquated, uncontrollable, inefficient and sometimes environmentally damaging boilers be they gas, oil or Lpg because many times they are in the cupboard, attic or just out of sight and out of mind until they go wrong.

The amount of times I hear can you limp the boiler on for another year or oh well I know it's inefficient but it's not costing me anything it's all false economy.

What are the alternatives and what can you do or Why should you change your boiler?


If your boiler is old you might be used to waking up in the morning to lots of noises, radiators not heating up properly or just no heating at all and sometimes a unbearably hot room, all the above is costing you money

What can you do?

The Boiler

The source of heating and hot water for your home.
It might seem simple but First and foremost, make sure your boiler works safely and efficiently by getting a BOILER SERVICE, The outlay now could save you money in the future, especially if your boiler breaks down in the winter and you are faced with emergency call out charges.

Your radiators

Do your radiators have cold areas e.g. at the bottom
• Discoloured water when you bleed the radiators
• Heating is slow to warm up
• Some radiators struggle to heat up as well as others or as quick as they used too.
• Radiators are cold but pipes are hot
• No water escapes when you bleed a radiator
• Noisy radiators or boiler
• Small leaks in radiators.
All the above problems are easier to rectify if caught sooner and will save you money.

Over half of the energy costs are attributed to the boiler in your home and yet it's the last thing that gets thought about, we all complain about the rising cost of our energy bills and yet we don't do anything about it maybe it's time to replace the boiler?

Replacing the boiler

There's no worse time for your boiler to break down - cold showers and no heating isn't great fun, especially in winter. If you're thinking to yourself that you might need a new boiler, then you need to put some serious consideration into the choices you have.

You could leave it and hope for the best, or you could contact the gas man services Dorset's local hero we will give you honest & trustworthy advice.

Getting a new boiler may seem like a pain and you may have to loosen your purse strings. But in actual fact a new boiler could end up saving you money in the long run. We all know energy bills are rising year-on-year but a new energy efficient boiler could cut your heating bill by 40%!

As well as this, older boilers discharge more waste gases and heat out of the flue than a modern boiler. It is therefore better for the environment if you get a modern boiler as less carbon emissions and wasted heat are contributed to the environment.

This is all great but you'll want to know exactly what to look for if you think you might need a new boiler before you take the plunge.

Signs to look/listen out for

* Your house not being heated properly. Lots of the older models of boilers suffer from low efficiency levels which can be anywhere from 50% but more usually around 70%.
* Knocking, hissing or popping. Unusual noises could definitely be a sign that something is wrong with the boiler such as an uneven water distribution causing vibrations when they heat.
* If your boiler regularly needs repairing.
* It may not be your boiler that is the problem if you're having heating problems. The whole central heating system might require an upgrade, refit or clean. So take a look at your heating system; the radiators, water tank, piping and controls to see if you spot any problems.
* The age of the boiler, generally if it older than ten years you should consider replacing it.
* Changes in the water temperature or the hot water only working when the heating is on.
* A water leak from the boiler. A water leak could result in some serious damage, a leak could escalate into something more serious like a carbon monoxide leak.

It's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to boilers, it may seem like a small issue but if you do notice any of these signs you should take the time to look further into the issue.
Remember it'll work out better for you to have your boiler inspected before it breaks, if you do wait until it's broken you'll probably end up having to pay more that if you rectified the situation when the boiler wasn't broken.

We are Gas Safe registered so you can rest in the knowledge that you're in safe hands. Give us a call if you're concerned about your boiler and put your mind a rest.

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