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Is it time to think about getting your boiler changed?

Is it time to think about getting your boiler changed?

Monday 13th August 2018

Well summer has well and truly arrived in Dorchester! It is finally nice to see some sun shining over the beautiful Dorset countryside.

Unfortunately this glorious weather will all too soon turn cold and wet again. I'm sorry to say such things whilst it's so lovely out and most people are looking forward to their beach holiday, or days out on the Jurassic coast.

Although winter is but a distant memory, believe it or not, this is the time to start thinking of your heating and hot water requirements. Was your boiler playing up during the cold snap? Are your radiators not heating like they used too? Were you cold over the long winter nights and complaining about the boiler?

With gas prices on the rise and winters seeming longer, it may be time to replace the inefficient boiler with a modern condensing one. Or maybe the heating circuit needs a clean, allowing your radiators to give out the correct heating requirements.

Even getting your boiler serviced regularly will save you money in the long run, ensuring that when winter does arrive there are no hidden surprises and possible underlining problems.

Here at The Gas Man Services, a Dorset based company, we offer a quick quotation system to save you time. This will give you an estimate as to how much a new boiler will cost you, subject to a full onsite evaluation. click here.

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