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Grant blue flame oil boilers

Grant blue flame oil boilers

Monday 19th February 2018

VortexBlue Range - Internal Models

Here at the Gas Man Services we are looking forward to using The Grant VortexBlue combing the existing proven condensing boiler technology with a revolutionary new blue flame.
Using a new state-of-the-art Riello Blue Flame compact burner alongside the familiar Vortex oil-fired boiler, this market-leading combination gives you an easy to install, reliable product with those all-important low emissions.
Grant's R&D Team have been busy developing this new generation of clean burning, low emission and high efficiency boilers for over two years, products that meet the EU emission changes planned to come into force in 2018. While the technology is very advanced, the boiler and burner combination is easy to install and set up.
The cutting edge VortexBlue range consists of 15 models with heating outputs ranging up to 36kW. Available in internal, external and combi models, the boilers are compatible with all Grant EZ-Fit flues. Sealed System variants of the Kitchen/Utility range are also available.
Blue Flame Technology
Grant and Riello's R&D have together successfully matched and field trialled this new range of innovative appliances. As the name suggests, the flame produced is blue in colour, rather than the usual yellow colour of the standard burners fitted in our current Grant Vortex range, which results in a much cleaner combustion process. All of the Grant VortexBlue boilers operate at the very high efficiency levels expected of the Grant Vortex condensing range and have the added benefit of producing extremely low NOx emissions.
In 2018, oil fired boilers installed in the UK will have to meet lower NOx emission targets. Furthermore, it is likely that even more stringent emission levels will be set in future years, so Grant have taken the decision to try and future proof oil fired appliances by moving to very low NOx, Blue Flame technology today.
 Award winning Vortex condensing heat exchanger
 90.7- 93.3% Gross SAP2009 annual efficiency
 10 year guarantee when installed by a G-One accredited installer*
 Outputs ranging from 15-36kW
 Market-leading Riello Blue Flame burner
 Familiar burner technology
 Sleek white casing
 Neon diagnostic indicators
If you require your oil boiler upgrading then give us a call we only use the best and most efficient boilers on the market.